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Food wellbeing amid the occasions is testing

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pURDUE EXTENSION COLUMNIST: Food wellbeing amid the occasions is testing

Guarding nourishment is critical all year. It turns out to be additionally testing amid the occasions with the majority of the additional nourishment planning. There can be various occasion suppers and that

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implies intending to serve and store sustenances in amount.

Make sure to wash your hands, utensils, ledges and cutting sheets with hot, sudsy water when working with nourishment, particularly crude meat and poultry. Salmonella microscopic organisms may spread when

these things are set up alongside different nourishments. A precedent would be in the event that a blade is utilized to cut crude poultry, utilized for slashing plate of mixed greens vegetables. The blade,

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hands and cutting sheets must be washed completely with cleanser. In the event that this isn't done, the microscopic organisms from the meat could exchange salmonellae to the vegetables. The microscopic

organisms on the poultry, be that as it may, would be crushed amid cooking.

There are a few territories that you have to consider. Begin with keeping sustenance chilly or sufficiently hot to keep the development and spread of destructive microscopic organisms. Likewise, think about

the quantity of visitors, the menu and the amounts of nourishment.

Make certain there is satisfactory fridge space, warming units and hot serving helps close by to keep up the right temperatures. You can expand chilly stockpiling by clearing out the fridge and utilize or

solidify scraps. protected outing hampers and cool chests pressed with ice can keep nourishments chilly for a few hours.

Nourishments that are cooked or were refrigerated ought not be permitted to remain at room temperature for significant lots of time — in a few occasions close to two hours. These incorporate cream pies,

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creamed vegetables, fish and dishes with eggs, meat and poultry.

For instance, a most loved supper may incorporate dish pork with skillet drippings. If not served effectively, it very well may be an ideal mechanism for microscopic organisms to develop. Within the meat

ought to be hot. Warmth the skillet drippings to the breaking point before serving. Try not to give the meat a chance to remain at room temperature for over two hours. Refrigerate scraps instantly. On the

off chance that sauce or drippings are kept for a second dinner, they ought to be warmed to 165 degrees.

Setting up an occasion turkey implies preparing to enable a lot of time to get the flying creature defrosted. The recommendation is 24 hours for each five pounds, however I think it takes longer. The bigger

the winged creature, the more it takes to defrost. It is sheltered to defrost it in the icebox. Defrosting at room temperature welcomes microorganisms development. In the event that it must be defrosted all

the more rapidly, seal it in a water-tight plastic pack and drench it in chilly water.

Cook completely and all at one time. Never in part cook poultry with completing it later. Microscopic organisms will endure. Stuffing is particularly powerless against microbes development. It is most secure

whenever cooked independently. In any case, on the off chance that it is cooked in the turkey pit, make certain cooking is finished. Likewise, set up the blend and stuff the turkey just before putting into

the broiler — never the night. On the off chance that utilizing monetarily solidified stuffed poultry, don't defrost before heating.

plan an arrangement timetable start with nourishments that can be cooked well ahead of time and solidified, those that can be put away in the fridge for multi day or something like that, and dishes which

should be made the day of the supper. All things considered, nourishment will be served over a more drawn out time range, so make courses of action for most extreme wellbeing. Show amounts that will be

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consumed right and renew from the cooler or range stove as required.

Help keep the occasion inclination merry by disposing of any possibility of a foodborne sickness which would ruin the good times. Legitimate sustenance taking care of, readiness, serving and cleanup will

protect a lovely and sound time for all.


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這項研究是由約翰·霍 普金斯大學布隆伯格(彭博)公共衛生學院精神衛生系的亞當·斯皮拉德博士(亞當·斯皮拉德)進行的。研究人員分析了美國國家老齡研究中心(NIA)之前進行的大規模睡眠質量調查中獲得的數據,並選擇了123名志

政府早前進行的大腸癌 檢查 方法發現隱形患者比率較預期多一倍,足以證明單靠留意早期症狀來 發現大腸癌患者是不足夠的,最有效方法是定期進行大便隠血測試和腸鏡檢查,以確定大腸是否有病理變化或瘜肉,再透過早期治療來防止演變成癌症。


β-澱粉樣蛋白,也稱為β-澱粉樣蛋白,被認為是導致阿爾茨海默病(最常見的癡呆形式)的主要原因。蛋白質是腦神經細胞相互作用中能量消耗產生的廢物,在長期內會形成神經細胞形狀的斑塊和神經纖維纏結,從而影響神經細胞 傳

大腸癌是香港常見癌症的首位,但不少人仍然擔心到大腸癌檢查醫院檢查,會帶來不適而錯過治療良機,其實大腸癌是唯一可以 預防的癌症,只要透過檢查,及早發現及切除大腸瘜肉,便可避免變成癌症,所以定期接受檢查,是對付腸癌的最好方法。



隨著社會的快速變化,現 代人普遍睡眠不足,當睡眠不足時,白天精神衰竭是不可避免的。為了睡個好覺,專家建議如下:

不少痔瘡患者,當出現排便帶血時,以為只是痔瘡出血,便容易對屙血問題掉以輕心,外科專科郭寶賢 醫生指出排便帶血是腸癌的明顯病徵,而腸癌與痔瘡是可以共同存在的,若發現出血情況,便應立即求醫檢查,以免錯過及早治療的機會。

適度運動:運動可以舒緩緊張,使身體稍感疲勞,並幫助你睡個好覺。但 睡前2~3小時不進行劇烈運動,以免因生理多動症和適得其反。

年紀增長、家族遺傳、煙酒過多、缺乏運動、高脂飲食習慣等都是引起大 腸 癌 成因,透過改善生活習慣和留意早期病徵,大腸癌是可以避免的,當出現血便、無故腹痛、大便習慣有變等,應立即求醫檢查,及早治療,長期存活率高達五成或以上。









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萨曼莎有一位神秘的女老板,她 “不允许” 她的员工在春节期间好好休息她大张旗鼓地开展 “五一” 活动。向父母鞠躬,为父母包装一个大大的红包,给父母读一封信,送一份礼物给父母。为你父母做个护理。据老板介绍,希望员工


不仅如此新年刚过,萨曼莎就开始推进 “快乐企业” 的建设:让员工享受爱情福利,家庭福利,婚假福利,孕期福利这八项福利,让企业里的每一位员工感受到“家的温暖“让父母感到自豪。他们孩子的工作。来吧,有这么多好处



结果是惊人的。业内传言,莎莉朱莉软件的人很难挖走。因为员工幸福,员工的家长也感激和谢谢,甚至写电话坚决反对孩子从莎莉朱莉软件莎莉离开了公司。但同时, “五”, “八福利” 幸福企业,这些弘扬中国传统文化,关注家庭幸福和



多行动,如慈善活动,社区护理活动等,都是关于雇员和客户相互推动的。 “善良的女人是最美丽的。” 据她们的老板说,女人很漂亮。从内到外,对仪器美的深层维护和护理,以及自信女性从内到外的幸福,是美女真正的 “美秘诀”







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